Homeschool Day Planning Guide by Dr. Tiffany McKinnon-Russell

Homeschool Day Planning Guide

Design a Homeschool Day That Works for Your Family

  • Learn how to identify your family's unique needs and flow.
  • Learn how to assess what really needs to be done each day.
  • Learn how to infuse flexiblity and ease into your day.
  • PLUS learn how I use my "Top 7's" strategy to be productive every day.

About this Easy-to-Use Guide

Do you need help planning your homeschool day?

Planning your homeschool doesn't have to be hard or take a lot of time.

This FREE guide will help you identify the components that are important to your daily life, and how to incorporate homeschooling in an natural way.

Get a comprehensive guide with easy tips, to help you create an engaging and inspiring homeschool day for your children.

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Tiffany McKinnon-Russell is a former member of Corporate America, turned homeschooling mom, entrepreneur, and author.  

She is passionate about helping parents teach their children well, by creating learning environments that engage and excite them.

With a combined 15+ years of experience in Corporate America, homeschooling, and teaching,  Dr. Tiffany offers a unique approach to learning.